First LBA-Model Intercomparison Project (LBA-MIP) Workshop

24-25 September 2007
Salvador, Bahia, BRAZIL

The first LBA-MIP Workshop was held in the Hotel Fiesta Convention Center from 24-25, September 2007 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in association with the LBA-ECO 11th Science Team Meeting. The objective of the workshop was to discuss efforts of bringing together modeling groups to achieve understanding on how the different models simulate the ecosystems and biogeophysical processes within LBA. The 24 participants, representing 12 modeling groups discussed basic metrics for preliminary results such energy, water and carbon balances and how well models represent the seasonality of Amazon. There was also the opportunity to discuss the current state of the atmospheric forcing datasets and ancillary data (e.g., related soil and vegetation parameters). A list of suggested changes in the current protocol based on the discussions during this workshop can be seen here.

Two important points discussed in the workshop need special attention:

  1. The participants agreed that the runs should be redone due to some issues found in the atmospheric forcing and LAI data. Therefore those datasets will be reprocessed and undergo additional QA/QC and the reprocessed datasets are expected to be completed by early November, 2007. The new set of runs will give the opportunity for those groups that could not finish by the last deadline to include their models in the analysis. The attendants agreed that it would be easier to redo the runs since most of the models have been adjusted for the MIP procedures. The deadlines will be confirmed soon.
  2. There were several groups that were not familiar with the ALMA standards and NetCDF files formatting what caused delayed submissions and prevented some of the results to be included in the preliminary results presented during the workshop. A set of tools (4) for converting data (i.e., ASCII) into NetCDF and data analysis will be provided.

The next workshop is planned to be held in Tucson, AZ, March or April 2008.

Due to a high attendance of LBA-MIP participants in the December, 2007 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA, an informal meeting will take place, tentatively, on Wednesday, the 12th during the conference (exact date to be confirmed upon participants availability). During this informal meeting, LBA-MIP current progress, partial/preliminary results (if any available) and other issues including the upcoming workshop will be discussed.


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