Jitendra (Jitu) Kumar
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Jitendra (Jitu) Kumar

Jitendra Kumar

Research Staff Member

Terrestrial Systems Modeling Group, Environmental Sciences Division

Climate Change Science Institute

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Join Assistant Professor

The Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Current Projects:

Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) - Arctic

Climate Science for Sustainable Energy Future (CSSEF) (DOE)

Forest Threat Early Warning System (ForWarn) (USDA Forest Service)

Integrated Field Research Challenge (IFRC) (DOE)

Recent projects:

Modeling Multiscale-Multiphysics-Multicomponent Subsurface Reactive Flows Using Advanced Computing (PFLOTRAN) (DOE SCiDAC-2)

Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM) (DOE EM)

Water Distribution Contamination Threat Management, Dynamic Data Driven Analysis System (DDDAS)

Engineering to Enhance the Resilience of the Built and Natural Environments, DHS DIEM  

Updates :
Multi-agency ForWarn team including researchers from ORNL, USDA Forest Service Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center, NASA Stennis Space Center and USGS EROS Center won a number of awards:
1. USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station's Station Director's Science Delivery Award 2012.
2. Federal Laboratory Consortium Interagency Partership Award 2013
3. Federal Laboratory Consortium Southeast Regional Interagency Partership Award 2013
4. NASA Group Achievement Award for "creating the first near real-time forest threat early warning system in the contiguous United States."

June 10-12, 2014: Fifth Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science (DMESS 2014), International Conference on Computational Science 2014, Cairns, Australia. (Full Paper Submission Deadline: December 15, 2013)

December 9-13, 2013: Big Data in the Geosciences: New Analytics Methods and Parallel Algorithms , AGU Fall Meeting 2013, San Francisco, USA (Abstract Submission Deadline: August 06, 2013)