Jitendra (Jitu) Kumar
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Useful Softwares/Tools

 Solvers:  PETSc    Trilinos    Hyper

Random number generator: SPRNG

Distributed/Shared memory programming: MPICH2    OpenMPI    OpenMP   

Geospatial analysis: GRASS   

Version control: CVS    SVN    Mercurial

Editors: VIM

Document preparation: LaTeX    CTAN    LaTeX Beamer


Water Resources/Environmental Engineering

Journal of Hydrologic Engineering                                                         Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering                                          Journal of Hydraulic Engineering

Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering                                 Journal of Environmental Engineering

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology                                                        Journal of Hydrology

Advances in Water Resources                                                                    Soil and Tillage Research

Geoderma                                                                                                         Water Resources Research

Ground Water                                                                                         
     Water Resources Management

Hydrological Processes                                                             Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education             Water Science and Technology

Evolutionary Computation/ Neural Networks/ Parallel & Distributed Computing

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation                                 IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks                                        Applied Soft Computing

Engineering Optimization                                                           Lecture Notes in Computer Science

International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications