Joint Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science and
Data Mining in Climate Change Impact, Mitigation and Human Behavior (DMESS‑DMCIH 2019)

Co-conveners: Forrest M. Hoffman, Martine Collard, Jitendra Kumar, Sarat Sreepath, and Vamsi Sripathi

To be held in conjunction with the
IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
Beijing, China
November 8, 2019

Final Workshop Program (as of November 4, 2019)

November 8, 2019 in China National Convention Center (CNCC) Room 405

Time Session Chair Paper ID Title Speaker Authors
8:00 Jitendra Kumar Invited Keynote Presentation: Data Mining in Digital Ecosystem
Qinghua Guo
Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Qinghua Guo
8:25 S24202 Climate Change Perception in Scientific and Public Sphere Erick Stattner Didier Henry, Nathan Jadoul, Reynald Eugénie, and Erick Stattner
8:50 S24201 Climate Data Analytics Applied to Sugar Cane Crop in the French West Indies Erick Stattner Erick Stattner and Nathan Jadoul
9:15 S07201 An efficient Bayesian method for advancing the application of deep learning in Earth science Dan Lu Dan Lu, Siyan Liu, and Daniel Ricciuto
9:40 S07202 Learning-based inversion-free model–data integration to advance ecosystem model prediction Dan Lu Dan Lu and Daniel Ricciuto
10:05 Coffee Break
10:25 Martine Collard S07205 Evaluating carbon extremes in a coupled climate–carbon cycle simulation Min Xu Min Xu, Salil Mahajan, Forrest M. Hoffman, and Xiaoying Shi
10:50 S07204 Deep Transfer Learning With Field-Based Measurements for Large Area Classification Jitendra Kumar Zachary L. Langford, Jitendra Kumar, and Forrest M. Hoffman
11:15 S07203 Convolutional Neural Networks for Hydrometeor Classification using Dual Polarization Doppler Radars Jitendra Kumar Yuping Lu and Jitendra Kumar
11:40 Open Discussion Workshop Participants
12:00 Adjourn Workshop
12:00 Lunch

Workshop Description:

This purpose of this workshop is to present state-of-the-art research on knowledge discovery in Earth system science data, from models and measurements, as they relate to climate change impacts, mitigation strategies, climate services, and related feedbacks and responses of natural and human systems. The workshop covers both data mining methodologies and applications to Earth and environment science. Encouraged are original research papers describing applications of statistical and data mining methods that support analysis and discovery in climate predictability, attributions, weather extremes, water resources management, risk analysis and hazards assessment, ecosystem sustainability, infrastructure resilience, and geo-engineering.

This workshop combines contributions from the Ninth Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science (DMESS 2019) and the Workshop on Data Mining in Climate change Impact, mitigation and Human behavior (DMCIH 2019) into a single half-day session focused on addressing climate, environment, and Earth science methods and applications of data mining.

Program Committee Members:

Paper Submission:

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts of 8 pages (10 pages maximum for additional fee) reporting unpublished, mature, and original research and recent developments/theoretical considerations in applications of data mining to Earth sciences by August 7, 2019. Paper submissions should be in the IEEE 2-column format, including the bibliography and any possible appendices.

Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings by the IEEE Computer Society Press. Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the paper.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in the online submission system.

Important Dates:

All deadlines are at 11:59PM Pacific Daylight Time.


For information about the Ninth Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science (DMESS 2019), please contact Forrest M. Hoffman, Jitendra Kumar, Sarat Sreepathi, and Vamsi Sripathi.

For information about the Workshop on Data Mining in Climate change Impact, mitigation and Human behavior (DMCIH 2019), please contact Martine Collard.


DMESS-DMCIH 2019 is held in collaboration with:

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