LBA-Data-Model Intercomparison Project (LBA-DMIP)
Data Use Policy

Updated June 4, 2012

In accordance with LBA data sharing policy, driver and model data are freely available to all LBA researchers (; see policy #2). Note, in particular, that policy #7 states that:

7. Where data are used for modeling or integrating studies, the scientist collecting the data will be credited appropriately, either by co-authorship or by citation. The data collectors should be informed of publication plans well in advance of submission of a paper, given an opportunity to read the manuscript, and be offered co-authorship. In cases where data from other investigators are a minor contribution to a paper, the data should be referenced by a citation. Users of the data will always have to state the source of the data.
Please note that, notwithstanding the availability of common data sets, that LBA data sharing policy requires any author or presenter of the data to contact and appropriately credit PIs from individual projects that generated the data used. The necessary contact information for flux tower data is given in Table 1 of the LBA-DMIP protocol document.

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