Summary of LBA-MIP Informal Meeting at Fall 2007 AGU

Updated February 1, 2008

Most of the organization team and relevant participants (see list below) could attend and we made great progress on decisions, technical issues and future plans. One of the main topics was the issues with the drivers we found during our First Workshop in Salvador, BA Brazil last September and thanks to Natalia Restrepo and Reto Stöckli (among others) we were able to fix the drivers. Other issues were also discussed and changes were made to the other datasets as well as some procedures in the protocol as listed below (see protocol for detailed information):  
  1. Drivers are now fixed and available immediately (see protocol for more details)
  2. MODIS LAI will be replaced in all sites by a constant value which is a MODIS annual average. A non-mandatory recommendation is to use Reto Stöckli’s phenology model LAI and/or MODIS monthly LAI for sensitivity analysis. Both datasets will be made available along with the other drivers.
  3. There should be no precipitation sensitivity analysis during this phase.
  4. CO2 will be set to 375 ppm for all sites.
  5. Initial CO2 values will also be assumed as steady-state solution (i.e., long spin-up).
  6. Groups are free to decide on the approach for leap year. The drivers will be distributed with leap year.
  7. Percentage of silt, sand and clay for each soil class will be distributed for all sites.
  8. Each group may prescribe the model parameters (e.g., rooting depth) that better suits. Therefore the parameters table used for each site and run as well as other model assumptions should be reported.
  9. One or more tools for converting ASCII data to NetCDF will be posted along with the drivers.
  10. Groups may upload models source code if desired.

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